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Knights of Columbus Latest News

Knights CCD Teacher of the Year, Chaplain of the Year

Frances Mann, who has been teaching the faith to young people for 28 years, is this year’s CCD Teacher of the Year, an award given by the Knights of Columbus

Latest News

Joanna M. Vecchio of Williamstown dies

Joanna M. Vecchio, 73, who spent her life in service to others, died suddenly July 13. At age 47, Mrs. Vecchio obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology and at age

Latest Letters to the Editor

Helping the sick, the old and the troubled

Editor: The thought of the world scares many people. But it doesn’t have to. Jesus indicated in Matthew’s Gospel that it would concern only five simple questions. Did you help

Latest Letters to the Editor

Voting: A right and a duty

Editor: In the June 29 issue of the Kevin Hickey makes a case against photo voter IDs (Voting is both a right and a duty). He conveniently leaves out three

Latest Letters to the Editor

Consensus is not ‘scientific’

Editor: Father Gregorio and others often imply that those who disagree with them on global warming are uninformed or stupid or both. Almost everyone agrees that the world has been

Growing in Faith Knights of Columbus

Catholics in America – Knights of Columbus founder Father Michael J. McGivney

St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Conn., is not far from Sacred Heart and Fairfield universities where I teach. Today staffed by the Dominicans, the church maintains a close relationship with

Arts & Media News

Life and death at the Rodin Museum

Auguste Rodin was close to his sister Maria, who entered the convent and died at a young age. Rodin was devastated and soon entered a religious order himself, the Society

That All May Be One

Jewish understandings of the New Testament

Great strides have been achieved in Jewish-Catholic dialogue since the Second Vatican Council. In May two different Catholic-Jewish dialogue groups met to discuss topics ranging from economics, education and religious

Arts & Media News

Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman, and the God-Man

This past decade has seen a plethora of movies dealing with superheroes: the “Batman” films, “The Green Lantern,” “Iron Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Thor,” etc. But the most popular—at least

As I See It

Why we, as Christians, need to give

It hardly seems necessary to explain why love should be the first commandment, the greatest virtue, and the distinctive quality of Christians. Surely the primacy of love in the human