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Old books, old memories, new insights

There was a pile on the desk, next to the desk, and under the desk. With my wife’s working at a new career in education as well as on a

Columns That All May Be One

Health care, a human right not a privilege

As of this writing it looks like the Graham-Cassidy health care plan is coming to a defeat in the Senate. A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found that

Columns Growing in Faith Science & Catholicism

Finding God in all things, including polymerized acetylene

As was the case with so many of the other 19th-century and early 20th-century Catholic university figures, Julius Nieuwland (1878-1936) was an immigrant. Virtually all of the Catholic institutions of

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Sharing the journey

CAMDEN — Kevin Hickey, executive director of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, held up a framed picture of Pope Francis — a picture that normally sits on his desk any

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The important ministry of a catechist

Hats off to the women and men in our parishes who teach religion to children, teenagers and adults. No easy task — teaching religion. They are known as CATECHISTS, a

Catholic School News Catholic Schools Latest News

A social and academic shelter from the storm

The prophet Isaiah praises God as a “safe place from the storm and a shadow from the heat” (25:4). It is a message taken to heart recently, and put it

Catholic School News Catholic Schools Latest News

Teachers take a day to reflect on their faith

More than 500 South Jersey Catholic School teachers and administrators attended a one-day professional development sessions throughout the week of Sept. 18. The subject, “Encountering God’s Love in the Sacraments,”

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The Bishop’s Schedule

Saturday, September 30 10 a.m., Confirmation, Our Lady of Hope Parish, Blackwood 1 p.m., Confirmation, Our Lady of Hope Parish, Blackwood Sunday, October 1 1:30 p.m., Confirmation, Holy Family Parish,

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A priest witness to the devastation in Florida

Where do people often look for help in a crisis, regardless of whether they’re Catholic or not? “They look for a priest,” says Father Michael Orsi, a priest of the