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Un amigo sacerdote colecciona Nacimientos (Pesebres) de todo el mundo: China, Perú, Alemania, Uganda… solo para nombrar cuatro de los más de 50 países de su colección. Durante la temporada

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The Savior is born for all women and men

A priest friend collects Nativity sets from around the world — China, Peru, Germany, Uganda … just to name four of the more than 50 countries in his collection. During

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The rippling effects of generosity

“I’m really worried about Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will be hard this year.” It’s what Marie Jones (not her real name) said a week before Thanksgiving. The 20-year-old client of


Las escuelas católicas tienen mucho que ganar con la creciente comunidad Latina

El viernes de la semana pasada fue una noche muy especial. Olga Ardila, una señora que conocí a través de la iniciativa de inscripciones Latinas en nuestras escuelas católicas me

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Schools have much to gain from the Latino community

Friday of last week was a special night. Olga Ardila, a woman I met through the Latino Enrollment Initiative in our Catholic schools, invited my children and me to celebrate

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A holiday season tinged with sadness for some

Beginning on Dec. 17, the Western Church marks the coming celebration of the Incarnation at Christmas with a series of antiphons at Vespers and the Alleluia Verses at daily Mass

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Parishes exceed Catholic Strong campaign goals

To see the chart click on the link: CathStrongData-WEB Three more parishes in the Diocese of Camden have reached their Catholic Strong goals, thanks to hardworking parish campaign teams, and generous