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Felicia Navarro’s multi-parish ministry

Felicia Navarro’s church is, in a sense, more than 68 square miles in area, the entire length and breadth of Vineland, which is one of New Jersey’s largest cities geographically.

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Cheerfully disagreeable, with no time for bigots

William F. Buckley, Jr. once wrote a letter to the King of England, scolding him for not paying off his country’s World War I debt to the U.S. He was

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Hard-wired to work for social justice

Luigi Nuñez talks like a social activist and thinks like — and, in fact, is — a millennial with impressive computer skills. The son of immigrants who grew up in

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The Broadway run of Sister Venard and her former student

It had been 40 years since Joe Quigley graduated from Saint John School in Collingswood where he had been taught by the Sisters of Mercy. And now, while scanning the

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Life, 14 years after crossing the border

CAMDEN — Leticia slept through the most dramatic — most would say nerve-racking — event in her life. She was being brought into the United States by a woman she

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Anxious immigrants focus on their rights

CAMDEN — Remember, the speakers advised — as if addressing soldiers who could become prisoners of war — you don’t have to say anything after giving your name. If questioned

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Envisioning a city where no one is homeless

CAMDEN — Most people come to Joseph’s House with a mixture of desperation and hope, looking for a warmer place to sleep than a city sidewalk and wishing for a

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The loss of ‘a Jewish, atheist, civil libertarian, left-wing pro-lifer’

The right to life movement lost an irrepressible and irreplaceable voice on Jan. 7 with the death of Nat Hentoff, a man who described himself as “a Jewish, atheist, civil

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Scholars, activists, artists examine migrant deaths

The new book, “Migrant Deaths in the Arizona Desert,” has on its cover “Angel of Mercy,” a statue crafted mostly from artifacts left behind by immigrants in the Arizona desert.


‘La Muerte de Inmigrantes en el Desierto de Arizona’

El Nuevo libro “La Muerte de Inmigrantes en el Desierto de Arizona” tiene en su cobertura una estatua de “El Ángel de la Misericordia” elaborado primordialmente de artefactos desechados por