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Trust, transparency and planning are essential, says vice chair of diocesan Finance Council

You may have not met Patrick W. McGrory, who was recently appointed vice chair of the Camden Diocesan Finance Council, but you’ve seen the Empire State Building. Let that serve

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Charismatic Renewal a blessing to the church, says Scripture scholar

People get excited at football games. They get worked up at baseball games, and any other sport. So why shouldn’t Christians get emotional in church? To “express our love for

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Note to children: ‘I went to see the pope’

Marcella Chambers left a note in her kitchen — “I went to see the pope” — in case any of her children stopped by. She didn’t want them to worry

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Remembering Sister Mary Vincent Sharp

Years ago, a reporter for the Catholic Star Herald visited El Centro, a Catholic Social Services outreach office and thrift store in Camden City. He walked out an hour later

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Diocese in compliance with ‘Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People’

The Diocese of Camden has been found to be in compliance with all audited Articles within the “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” for the 2014-15 audit

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A poet finds joy in both art and faith

After his parents divorced, Michael White briefly lived with his mother, but she would regularly make him ask his father to “take” him. “She’d dial his number, then hand over

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Local donation helps those struggling in earthquake’s aftermath

The magnitude-7.8 earthquake that rocked Nepal April 25 claimed more than 8,800 lives, destroyed more than 600,000 houses and damaged an additional 300,000 — and now the country is dealing

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Businessman made an impression in art world

With his full beard and sometimes wearing a beret, Claude Monet looked like an artist, and it’s easy to imagine him creating those short, thick brushstrokes that museum visitors see,


Parroquias compartidas y evangelización

El tema del día fue “parroquias compartidas” — es decir, las parroquias en las que están presentes dos o más idiomas o contextos culturales. Sin lugar a dudas de gran