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Shared parishes and evangelization

The topic for the day was “shared parishes” — that is, parishes in which two or more languages or cultural contexts are present. It’s undeniably of great importance in the

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Local author’s book achieves the ‘wow factor’

Robert J. Dunne didn’t have outsized expectations for his book on Jesus, knowing that self-published books don’t typically gain much critical notice or many readers. He was surprised, then, to

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New Evangelization training set for March 4

Father Frank DeSiano, who will conduct a New Evangelization training workshop in the Camden Diocese on March 4, remembers having to dry his eyes upon seeing the beauty of the

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House of Charity prepares for 2015 campaign

To prepare for this year’s House of Charity campaign, the Camden Diocese got some practical advice from a former university president and inspiration from one of the church’s most popular