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A people of life, and a church of life

I did not sleep well last night. I woke up about 1:30 a.m. and could not sleep. Maybe I was upset over the news I heard the evening before about

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Praying for the victims of violence and injustice

Priests are often called upon in times of stress, including violent incidents that occur too often in American communities. Below, a pastor reflects on the violence that has afflicted his

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Parents today who are living out the Holy Family’s plight

As we celebrate the Christmas Season, I think of the Holy Family as well as of many struggling families today. I think of Mary and Joseph desperately searching for lodging

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God’s love is all-encompassing, embracing all peoples

As we enter any church in our parishes — any Catholic church in the world — Jesus is there: waiting for us; waiting for us with the greatest love the

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The Risen Jesus is present in the sacraments

Peace in the Risen Lord. This salutation reflects the first words Jesus spoke to his disciples on the night of his resurrection as well as the following Sunday: “Peace be

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Mass unites the Christian community

Recently somebody asked me, “Father, is it enough to watch Mass on TV?” My response was: “If one is sick, cannot get a ride to church or is at great

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Forgiveness: Merciful like the Father

This is the last in a series or columns on forgiveness in connection with the Jubilee of Mercy. The process of forgiveness does not begin after the offense; actually, forgiveness

Columns Forgiveness

We are forgiven so we can forgive

One of the most moving experiences of forgiveness found in Scripture is when Jesus — on the night of his resurrection and the following Sunday as well — appeared before

Columns Forgiveness

One of the most daunting challenges of forgiveness

In pastoral counseling and in the confessional, I have found that forgiving oneself is one of the most daunting challenges of forgiveness. It is not unusual that somebody is able

Columns Forgiveness

Seeing forgiveness as a work in progress

Part of a series or articles on forgiveness in the Jubilee of Mercy. In my last article I had written of forgiveness as both a personal choice — it will