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Columns On Behalf of Justice

Spiritual and psychological benefits of sabbath worship

Weekend worship should enjoy a better reception than it gets. Martin Luther King said Sunday morning is the week’s most segregated time in America. Whites are in their churches and

Columns On Behalf of Justice

McCarthyism is still a part of American politics

In a Washington, D.C. restaurant 70 years ago, junior Senator Joseph McCarthy was dining with friends at a strategy session to settle on a reelection theme. At the time he

Columns On Behalf of Justice

Bigotry against foreigners hurts more than foreigners

If you were in a lifeboat after a disaster aboard a ship, and another survivor in the water begged for help in getting into your boat where there was plenty

Columns On Behalf of Justice

The environment and racism are social justice issues

Football fans can congratulate the home turf, south Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field, for winning exemplary certification for excellence toward the environment. Whether Cowboy or Giant or Eagle fan, everyone breathes

Columns On Behalf of Justice

Abortion, society’s most inflammatory subject

Watching the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, and looking ahead to the 46th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, I felt inspired to write this column.

Columns On Behalf of Justice

There is no way to say thanks too often

The Greek word “Eucharist” means thanksgiving. We would be pardoned if we thought it is a religious word only since that is how we use it. But it is an

Columns On Behalf of Justice

The Lord’s Prayer in our own words

When we pray, we usually use formula prayers, those we have recited since childhood, using another’s words, like the Hail Mary. When we mature to a personal relation with Mary

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The press is not the enemy of the people

Recently a nationwide effort of at least 350 newspaper editors joined to write support statements of the print media, contending that they are under assault and in danger of losing

Columns On Behalf of Justice

A dream of the end of poverty in America

Martin Luther King had a dream so famous broadcasters show the now grainy film clip of his speech every anniversary of his birth and assassination. I too have a dream

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Confront the malignancy of racism in root and branch

By Father Robert J. Gregorio on behalf of the Racial Justice Commission, Diocese of Camden “Love one another as I have loved you” is the capstone of Christian living and