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James Lanahan charts a new course

James Lanahan — affectionately known to his colleagues as “El Jefe,” “Captain Jim” or “Mr. Lanahan” — spent the past 18 years as a builder. His tools were not hammers

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A path forward for a determined mother

Lauren Segers’ phone pinged as she sat in Catholic Charities’ Vineland office. Glancing at it, her eyes lit up, and she said with a huge smile, “That’s my new employer.

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Journey to the peripheries with young adults

Fourteen missionary disciples from the Diocese of Camden, including myself, began the new year staring wide-eyed at the banks of the Rio Grande River in Texas. It was eerily beautiful

Catholic Charities Latest News

Generosity amid government shutdown

As the government shutdown approaches its one-month mark, the end of January looms over the heads of 800,000 unpaid workers across the nation. For them and their families, it means

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The rippling effects of generosity

“I’m really worried about Thanksgiving and Christmas. It will be hard this year.” It’s what Marie Jones (not her real name) said a week before Thanksgiving. The 20-year-old client of

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Bringing the message of Zacchaeus to the imprisoned

Thirty-nine inmates rose from their chairs inside Southern State Prison in Delmont and sang “Lord, you have come to the seashore” as Bishop Dennis Sullivan walked into the large gymnasium

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Giving thanks throughout the darkest chapters in life

Isaac Wilson’s hands clasped tightly as he kneeled and bowed his head in prayer this past weekend at Mass. He wore his best suit. He made sure he had his

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Working with prisoners, and amusing God, for 31 years

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” It’s a quote that Sam Pace says with a chuckle as he reflects on the past 31 years of

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Diocese honors an advocate for immigrants

ATLANTIC CITY — When Sister Norma Pimentel approached the microphone at Catholic Charities’ 15th Annual Justice for All Dinner on Oct. 4, silence fell across the theatre at Resorts Hotel.