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World Refugee Day: ‘No strangers here’

CHERRY HILL — The Camden Diocese’s welcoming attitude toward refugees was evident on Saturday, June 23, as groups gathered at Christ Our Light Parish here to celebrate Catholic Charities’ seventh

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Catholic Charities and volunteers serve all

On any given day in Catholic Charities’ offices across South Jersey, the agency encounters men, women and children of all faiths, as well as non-believers. Questions such “I’m not a

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Putting a face on the ‘other’: Catholic Charities’ Justice for All Dinner

“I think we live in a society that is gripped by fear,” Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, told the audience of 400 gathered at Catholic Charities’ annual Justice for All

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World Refugee Day celebration will be held June 23 at Christ Our Light Parish

In 2000, the United Nations officially designated June 20 of each year to be celebrated as World Refugee Day. The date marks the 50th anniversary of the implementation of the

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Finding employment, and hope, through Catholic Charities

Hector Sanchez and his wife, Glorimar Acevedo Santos, arrived at Catholic Charities’ Atlantic City office in October with a suitcase, blistered feet, no home and barely a cent to their

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Developing a ministry of hope to counter addiction

In September 2013, Pope Francis compared the church to a “field hospital” near to war zones, where the wounded are first provided with emergency, life-saving care before long-term recovery efforts

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Paving the way to home ownership through collaboration

The dream of owning a home may seem, for some, to be only that — a dream. Particularly for first-time home buyers, the process can be intimidating. Mortgage and loan

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A face-to-face encounter with immigrants

“It’s one thing to read about migrants and refugees. But having a chance to meet immigrants, seeing their faces and hearing their voices … it’s different than seeing it in

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Bishop Eustace students make filing less taxing

Tax season. For many, it is a headache to face the annual ritual of compiling forms, digging out receipts, plodding through a tax software program or scheduling an appointment with

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Bringing Mass and mercy to those behind bars

For Christians everywhere, Holy Week is a time of reflection on God‘s mercy and love. This spiritual reckoning applies in a particularly poignant way to those incarcerated. On Wednesday of