Bishop Sullivan leads rosary at Cherry Hill clinic

Bishop Sullivan leads rosary at Cherry Hill clinic

bishopandpeople-webBishop Dennis Sullivan greets pro-life activists after praying the rosary with them in front of the Cherry Hill Women’s Center on Oct. 9.

Photo by James A. McBride

Standing with a crowd of up to 75 people here in front of the Women’s Center Oct. 9, Bishop Dennis Sullivan led the rosary, asking Our Lady to intercede for a stop to abortion and healing for pregnant and post-abortive women.
Christians of all ages stood in prayer with the bishop on the sidewalk in front of the building. Many of the pro-life activists held pro-life signs, as well as literature for any mother coming to the clinic who would be willing to speak to them.
While some pro-lifers routinely pray at the clinic, many had come to participate in the national 40 Days for Life campaign, a pro-life effort that aims to end abortion through prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil.
“We cover the (Women’s Center) with prayer; we’re hoping to close it down,” said Claire Howson, the Cherry Hill director for 40 Days for Life.
During the 40 Days for Life, which began Sept. 25 and lasts until Nov. 3, there are at least two people at the clinic praying the rosary each hour from 7 a.m.-7 p.m., each day.
Next to Howson stood nine members of the pro-life club from Camden Catholic High School in Cherry Hill. Each held a rosary.
“I believe in my faith and am protesting the death of innocent children,” said Abigail Camden, a Camden Catholic senior.
“Everybody (should) have a chance to live,” said Alexis Castro, also a senior.
Father Michael Goyette, director of Catholic Identity for Camden Catholic, explained that the rosary with the bishop is just the start of what is hoped to be a busy year for the Pro-Life club. A January trip to Washington, D.C. for the Pro-Life March, praying the rosary in school, and a baby clothing drive are also in the planning stages.
“It’s good for students to stand up for life,” he said. “And through their experience today, praying the rosary with Bishop Sullivan, they can come to believe in life even more.”

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