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Columns On Behalf of Justice

A simple decision and its horrifying consequences

Slavery is one of the older instances of it. Deprive the slave of personhood, deny it outright, and it is easy to abuse him or her of the dignity everyone

Columns Growing in Faith

The Gospel and the thorny issue of immigration

By Michael M. Canaris Loyola University Chicago This week, scholars from a variety of disciplines met at the University of Minnesota to mark the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon Johnson’s

Columns Understanding Pope Francis

Pope Francis and British theologian Lesslie Newbigin

Pope Francis has repeatedly called on Christians to become missionary disciples. Evangelii Gaudium is one such place where he has expressed this clearly: “Every Christian is a missionary to the

Columns That All May Be One

Dialogue on the challenges of Christian unity

The Synod on the Family continues in and Rome includes quite a good representation from the major Orthodox and Protestant Christian communities worldwide. They are also churches that struggle with

Columns On Behalf of Justice

A message Americans needed to hear

He called it “a shameful and culpable silence.” Addressing an unprecedented joint meeting of both houses of Congress, with the generals and the admirals in the front row, Pope Francis

Columns That All May Be One

Synagogue and Ecclesia in our time

I’m sure many of us have told or heard stories of how close or far one was to Pope Francis during his Apostolic visit last week to our country. I

Columns Understanding Pope Francis

The pope praises American women religious

After a week that cannot be described as anything other than unforgettable and the glut of coverage and commentary on a visit that touched and invigorated millions, it remains a

Columns On Behalf of Justice

The problem of hunger, throughout the world

Hungry? Me, too, especially when I remember Lents of old, when adults had to confine themselves to one meal a day plus another two that together could not equal the

As I See It Columns

Remembering Sister Mary Vincent Sharp

Years ago, a reporter for the Catholic Star Herald visited El Centro, a Catholic Social Services outreach office and thrift store in Camden City. He walked out an hour later

As I See It Columns

Caring for the Earth: What does that mean for us?

Earth is crying. Whole species of plants and animals are dying. There is news of drought and terrible storms almost every week. People are fleeing their homes because they can