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‘God’s architect,’ blending knowledge of science and art

A perhaps unsurprising number of my favorite buildings in the world are churches, from grand basilicas to underground catacombs to hospital chapels. Due to my many personal connections there, one

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Linked in with a favorite priest in Rome

Just as the fading sun set off its celestial hues one night, Father Frederick “Don Federico” Link came into view. Father Link, a retired priest of the Diocese of Camden,

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‘Thin’ televisions and our out-of-control consumerism

I can’t give my television away. Granted it’s seen better days, about 20 years worth of them, but it still functions well, with a tube that has access to the

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‘Interpretive keys’ to the pope’s new document

Archbishop Arthur Roche has long been a friend of the Lay Centre, where I lived while studying and teaching in Rome, and where I continue to build relationships for my

Columns That All May Be One

‘Respect and responsibility toward creation’

As the states of Texas and Louisiana assess the damage from Hurricane Harvey, the rest of the nation is in shock over the level of devastation as we have been

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‘A community of all peoples to live over the face of the earth’

On June 14, 2016, Google’s frequent “doodles” which honor holidays, anniversaries, and famous people depicted a mustachioed cartoon scientist standing next to red vials of blood. This much-viewed global memorial

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‘The party of God’ holds the promise for peace

Our nation appears to be fragmenting into diverse groups, beyond just conservative and liberal, traditionalist and progressive, Republican and Democrat. Some of these groups such as the neo-Nazi, white-supremacists, antifa,

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The need for silence in a noisy world

Perpetual Adoration. Fresh out of college, I was first introduced to this devotion as a “newbie” at a local young adult ministry gathering. At 7 p.m. on Friday nights, we

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Thoughts on cosmic death and resurrection

Heidi Ann Russell’s still relatively recent (2015) book “Quantum Shift: Theological and Pastoral Implications of Contemporary Developments in Science” contains a number of fascinating chapters on topics of interest to

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Cheerfully disagreeable, with no time for bigots

William F. Buckley, Jr. once wrote a letter to the King of England, scolding him for not paying off his country’s World War I debt to the U.S. He was