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Columns Science & Catholicism

The man who mastered the Rosetta Stone

What child has not had their imagination captured while wandering around a museum of mummies and sarcophagi and artifacts engraved with ancient hieroglyphics? Modern archeology in many aspects can be

Columns Science & Catholicism

The priest who was the father of the Big Bang Theory

How can a reasonable and educated Catholic square the Adam and Eve account(s) in Genesis with the cosmological discoveries of the scientific age? Are these aetiologies of natural and human

Columns Growing in Faith

The Founding Fathers’ belief in a Creator

Commemorating the founding of our nation during the month of July gives rise to the opportunity to reflect upon the Declaration of Independence. This document gives us some insight into

Columns That All May Be One

Evangelicals and Catholics together

Since the 1970s Evangelicals and Roman Catholics have been involved in a substantive dialogue with one another about both the essence of the Christian faith and how Christians should respond


Saint Paul by way of an ageless groundhog

A few weekends ago, I joined my sister, uncle and cousins in New York City for our twice-yearly Broadway show/Cuban cuisine gathering. Victor’s Café, located on 52nd Street, is the


Christ the King Prayer Shawl Ministry: knit into wholeness

There’s a small meeting room tucked into a back corner of the rectory at Christ the King Parish in Haddonfield. It’s lined with sofas and chairs—a comfortable, cozy spot for

Columns Science & Catholicism

The Jesuit known as the ‘father of aeronautics’

Commissioned to do some global engagement work for the university, I’ve clocked quite a bit of international travel this year, which has demanded a staggering amount of hours on flights.

Columns On Behalf of Justice

Christianity was founded by an observant Jew

I imagine we older Catholics could be forgiven if we presumed Jesus was a Catholic like us. After all, he started us off by giving Peter a new identity as

As I See It Columns Español/Spanish

El ejemplo inspirador de una hija de inmigrantes mexicanos

“Mis padres me ensenaron desde muy temprana edad que si no temenos fe estamos perdidos. Ellos me ensenaron a confiar en Dios y a no perder nunca la esperanza.” Estas

As I See It Columns

The faith and hope of a recent graduate, the daughter of Mexican immigrants

“My parents taught me at a very young age that we are lost if we do not have faith. They told me to trust in the Lord and to never