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Columns Growing in Faith Understanding Pope Francis

Progress in improving Catholic-Orthodox relations

As we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, it’s important to take stock of what it has meant for the People of God and Christ’s

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Some suggestions for a strong family

A year ago, my only sister Ana died after a lengthy battle with cancer. She died the evening before Palm Sunday. As I entered that Holy Week, she was very

Columns That All May Be One

Priest will be missed by the interfaith community

Long before I was ever involved in ecumenical or interreligious work, heck, even before I was in high school, Msgr. Joseph Devlin was involved with the local Jewish and Protestant


Gospels tell salvation history from differing perspectives

When the early Christian communities began standardizing the written witness to the Christ event, and rejected Marcion — a first century heretic who advocated a scrapping of the Jewish Scriptures


Humility and ambition lead to success

Jesuit Father William J. Byron, a professor at St. Joseph’s University, will be the guest speaker at the breakfast meeting of the Catholic Business Network of South Jersey. His topic

Columns Understanding Pope Francis

‘The miracle of the blood’

Pope Francis traveled south from Rome to visit the city of Naples (Napoli) earlier this week. Because the southern regions of Italy have historically been — and are still —

Columns On Behalf of Justice

Libertarianism has reached drastic excess

Liber, libera, liberum are the three genders of the Latin adjective for free, as in unencumbered, unrestricted. From them come “liberal” and “libertarian.” Oddly enough, however, these two words are

Columns Growing in Faith

When Romans ask, ‘Where is today’s station church?’

The Vicariate of Rome organizes a Lenten tradition called the Stazioni Quaresimali, the “Lenten Stations.” In the romance languages, the word for Lent is often related to the word for

As I See It Columns

The tiresome OMG-ification of our culture

How about you? Are you as tired of the OMG-ification of our culture as I am? Everywhere I turn, I seem to hear the phrase “Oh my God.” And, just

Columns Year of the Family – Diocese of Camden

The domestic church and the 2015 synod

“God blessed them, and God said to them Be fruitful and multiply” (Gn 1:28). In God’s plan the family is the primordial institution of humankind. It is older than any