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Ways to observe Respect Life Month at your parish

By Mike Jordan Laskey October is Respect Life Month for the Catholic Church here in the United States. Here are nine ways you can observe the month at your parish

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The racial divide: change yourself, change the world

By Father Chris Mann Michael Jackson makes a great point in his hit song “Man in the Mirror:” If you want to make the world a better place, take a

Columns On Behalf of Justice

The meaning of ‘our’ in the Our Father

By Father Robert Gregorio I knew a rational, accomplished man — let’s call him Bill — who had an illogical contempt for African-Americans. I asked him why, and he emotionally said that

As I See It Columns

Gate of Heaven Cemetery: Our past, present and future

By Marianne Linka A beautiful day! The sun was shining, breakfast with my daughters, and heading to the shore. On the way we stopped to photograph the progress happening at

Columns Growing in Faith

Understanding Pope Francis – ‘The instinct for the truth of the Gospel’

By Michael M. Canaris The International Theological Commission is a gathering of theologians personally chosen by the pope from around the world to advise him, the magisterium, and the entire

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Good Friday and giving forgiveness

Forgiveness is not a new concept. It is not a new therapy. It is not a new skill. It is not a new strategy. It is not a new process