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Columns Growing in Faith

Féile Bride, the ‘Festival of Brigid’

My stepfather is from Armagh, one of the southernmost counties in Northern Ireland on the border with the Republic, and so I spent a few days there this week in

Columns Wake Up the World – 2015 Year of Consecrated Life

It is a joy to serve the Lord and his people

My name is Sister Bianca Camilleri. I am a Franciscan Missionary Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I reside in Glassboro and belong to St. Bridget’s Parish. I am

Columns That All May Be One

The U.N. meeting on anti-Semitism

On Jan. 27 the world commemorated the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps by the Soviet Red Army troops. About 1.5 million people, 1.1 million of them

Columns Year of the Family – Diocese of Camden

With Child Number Five, our family became ‘large’

With all the recent discussions in the media that seem to be critical of large families and with an eye toward the World Meeting of Families this coming September, I

As I See It Columns

The 100th anniversary of Thomas Merton’s birth

I write these words on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Merton, one of the greatest spiritual writers of the 20th century and a man who had a

Columns Wake Up the World – 2015 Year of Consecrated Life

Consecrated as a virgin living in the world

On Jan. 21 in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Camden, AnnaMae Muryasz was consecrated to God by Bishop Dennis Sullivan as a virgin living in the world. The

Columns Growing in Faith Understanding Pope Francis

Conversion at the heart of ecumenism, pope says

This year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity concluded with the pope’s traditional pilgrimage to St. Paul’s Outside the Walls to mark the saint’s conversion (which notably does not mention

Columns On Behalf of Justice

‘Income stagnation’ and minimum wage

You know you’ve landed on a distant planet when they tell you labor unions are a “special interest” group. Time was when they were thanked for 40-hour weeks, an end

Columns Life & Justice Ministries

A march, a movie and a meeting

There are three things I heard over the past week that are stuck in my head. First, “We are the pro-life generation!” Thousands of young people chanted this refrain at

Columns Wake Up the World – 2015 Year of Consecrated Life

Ministering to advance the rights and dignity of all

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, was founded in LePuy, France in 1650, by a Jesuit priest, Father Jean-Pierre Medaille. As active contemplative women