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As I See It Columns

The privileges and experiences of living in Rome

By Michael M. Canaris My neighborhood (or rione) in Rome is named Celio, and sits on a hill overlooking both the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus. And since my paternal

Columns On Behalf of Justice

Taking the pope seriously on economics

Will Pope Francis’s rejection of trickle-down economics challenge voters on election day? When he chided this failed fantasy of wealthy moguls rationalizing their stranglehold, avowed capitalists like Rush Limbaugh had

Columns Vocations

A priestly ministry that began 100 years ago

By Father James L. Bartoloma All Saints’ Day this year is the anniversary of something that Catholics in the Diocese of Camden should be aware of and grateful for. It

Columns Growing in Faith Understanding Pope Francis

Understanding Pope Francis – Method, structure and content of the synod

By Michael M. Canaris On Oct. 13, I attended a colloquium organized by Professor Donna Orsuto of the Pontifical Gregorian University entitled “Marriage and the Family Today: Pastoral Challenges and

Columns That All May Be One

Helping to combat a deadly disease

By Father Joseph D. Wallace The Christian response to Ebola has been swift and effective. Programs have been initiated by various Christian agencies in West Africa, the epicenter of the

Columns Growing in Faith Understanding Pope Francis

Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

By Michael M. Canaris I have some good friends and colleagues involved with the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, as well as that of Promoting Christian Unity. I was

Columns Life & Justice Ministries

The Matthew 25 Project: Put your faith into action

By Mike Jordan Laskey In a powerful YouTube video produced by a New York City-based homeless shelter called the Rescue Mission, five individuals are interviewed about relatives who are important

As I See It Columns

Heart of a pastor, mind of a businessman

By Kevin Moran As word spread of Msgr. Robert T. McDermott’s retirement, parishioners, friends and community members began to reflect on the impact that Father Bob, as he is affectionately

Columns On Behalf of Justice

Profitable industries, complacence with the status quo

Recently I suggested that the main reason for the virulent hostility we see toward both undocumented immigrants and to universal medical insurance is raw greed. Two different concerns share a

Columns Growing in Faith

Understanding Pope Francis – ‘Go out,’ spread the Word of love to all

By Michael M. Canaris I’ve been following Pope Francis’ schedule and speeches quite carefully lately, and this week I read something which seemed to serve as an interpretive key in