Catholic Charities collects migration stories

In his statement on immigration reform, “Every Person Is A Neighbor,” Bishop Joseph A. Galante reminds people of their commonality in this busy, changing world. Catholic Charities sees the ministry of welcoming neighbors everywhere — some are newcomers to the United States, New Jersey or the Diocese of Camden, whereas others may have lived here for a long time because others journeyed before them.

Catholic Charities strives to introduce parishioners and residents who are newcomers to their new neighbors and vice versa, so that all can join together in community.

To act as a bridge to community connections, Catholic Charities has begun collecting migration stories. Do you have a migration story from your own experience or that of a family member? By emailing your story to, you can be included in a collection of narratives. These stories will be compiled on the Catholic Charities website,

Stories are already being collected from the various countries that are highlighted in this year’s Operation Rice Bowl, the Lenten Reflection Tool from Catholic Relief Services.

For more information on the Migration Story Project, contact Catholic Charities at

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