Lourdes Wellness Center expands yoga program

COLLINGSWOOD — The yoga program at the Lourdes Wellness Center is expanding with the addition of two new sessions for the summer and offering Christian yoga as an experience in wholistic spirituality.

According to Colleen Kendrick, marketing manager for the wellness center, the yoga program’s summer classes are Rise and Shine Yoga and Yoga for Special Needs.

Yoga for Special Needs is designed to help people who suffer from back pain, MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and any other conditions

Yoga (which means “to join together”) centers around daily exercise, breathing, and meditation, said Kendrick. The exercises put pressure on the body’s glandular systems to be more efficient, resulting in total health.

Breathing techniques help to increase breath control which improves the health and function of body and mind, she noted.

Kendrick said these techniques prepare individuals for meditation and deep relaxation to help heal the body from stress.

The yoga sessions are presided over by Barbara Moeller, who runs the yoga program. The sessions are designed for beginners as well as experienced students, and they are run as one-evening workshops or a 10-week series.

The benefits of yoga include, among others, increased muscle tone and flexibility, weight loss with increased circulation, and stimulation of internal organs.

Among the sessions are, Basic Yoga, Basic Yoga for Beginners, Friday Morning Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Recharge Your Yoga Practice and Christian Yoga: Lenten and Advent series.

There is also a one night only program, Yoga Nidra for Stress Relief, scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 12, 7-8:15 p.m.

For more information about the yoga program and other programs at the Lourdes Wellness Center call Colleen Kendrick at 856-869-3019 or e-mail her at KendrickC@LourdesNet.org or www.LourdesWellnessCenter.org

Lourdes Wellness Center is sponsored by Our Lady of Lourdes Health System, a Ministry of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, N.Y.

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