No need to worry, Lauren has the situation under control


For Sicklerville mother Erica Vincenti, one of her most important tasks is making sure the needs of her school-age children, preschooler Lauren and her second grade sister, are met.

On Wednesday afternoon, in a testament to Erica’s care for her children, 4-year-old Lauren cared for her mother, after Erica had an allergic reaction.

After taking a bite out of her lunch, Erica (“within 30 seconds,” she recalled), knew she was suffering from an allergic reaction, feeling her throat close up and finding talking and breathing difficult. Lauren grabbed the phone, and asked her mom if she needed her to call 911. Erica was able to call 911 herself, and explain her situation to an operator; within minutes, an ambulance came and took her to a hospital, and Lauren was left in the care of a neighbor.

Later that day, Erica was discharged, with no remaining effects of the reaction.

All through her ordeal at home, Erica said, her 4-year-old was at her side, holding her hand.

“She took good care of me,” Erica said. “She kept on telling me that ‘help is on its way.’”

Lauren didn’t even cry in front of her mother, only shedding her first tear in front of her neighbor after Erica was taken to the hospital.

The next day, Lauren spoke of what happened to her preschool class and to her teacher, Kathy Wisniewski. In keeping with class procedure, she was given a coin, given to recognize students who do exceptional deeds.

The coin read, “I Was Caught Being Good Today.”


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