Saying thank you to Sister Shamus

Saying thank you to Sister Shamus

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Sister Shamus Zehrer, who is retiring after 38 years as principal of Our Lady Star of the Sea School in Atlantic City, stands with Daniel McNair (left) and Edward Bannister Holmes, both class of 2006. Right, school graduates who went into law enforcement congratulate their former principal on her retirement.

Forty-six years of teaching. Over four decades of molding young Catholic boys and girls with a Christ-centered education. That is the legacy of Sister Shamus Zehrer, RSM, who is retiring at the end of the month after 46 years as an educator and 38 years as principal of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Atlantic City.
And to honor her commitment to the children of this shore-side community, alumni came in droves to thank Sister Shamus on June 18, the final day of the school year.
And what a thank you it was. Hundreds of alumni, some going back as far as 1964 when Sister began teaching in Atlantic City, came to wish her well and show their appreciation.
The impromptu get together was planned solely through social media by alumnus Christine Parker, class of ‘97, on the Our Lady Star of the Sea group on Facebook.
What’s even more impressive is the idea was hatched a little over two weeks prior to the last day of school.
“I truly didn’t think a post on Facebook a couple weeks ago would reach so many Our Lady Star of the Sea Alumni,” explains Parker from a post on her own Facebook page. “But then again, when the post is about an amazing woman like Sister Shamus, it catches everyone’s attention. I was in awe of the many generations of Stars that came to wish Sister a farewell as a principal.”
Sister Shamus is still in awe of the outpouring of love and support from so many members of the Our Lady Star of the Sea family.
“I was very amazed and in awe. It was a very humbling experience and one of the happiest of my life.”
“I never would have believed it. I just can’t even explain it. They’re all just very, very dear people There’s nothing like Our Lady Star of the Sea. I’m very grateful to each person I taught and worked with for making me the person I am today. Sometimes you just get speechless. You can’t express how you truly feel.”
Sister also thanked God who gave her the strength each and every day to give back to the community and teach young people. “It was really God. That’s what I was supposed to do.”
Sister Shamus plans to take a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of school life. After that, she looks forward to volunteering. “I’ll get my hand into something.”
But it was, and still is, the guiding hand of being a teaching religious and helping raise the next generation of Catholics that she’ll truly cherish.
“I wouldn’t change a minute of it. I love each one of them.”

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