Senior care facility in Newfield to close

Mater Dei Nursing and Rehab in Newfield, a senior care facility operated by the Diocese of Camden, will close at the end of this year due to rising costs and declining reimbursements. The facility, located on Route 40, opened in 1967 and has provided care to hundreds of older adults over the past 45 years.

“This was a very difficult decision to make, but we felt it was necessary to protect the remaining three nursing facilities operated by the Diocese. The home has incurred annual operating deficits of over $500,000 in each of the last three years and the future outlook is even less optimistic,” said Martin Idler, executive director of Health Services for the diocese.

“The staff has worked tirelessly to keep occupancy high and expenses low,” Idler said. “They have achieved the highest rating of Five Stars, but still the operating losses have continued.”

The decision was made by a special committee of the Presbyteral Council and Diocesan Administration after every effort to save the facility had been tried.

Ruth Ann Kozlek, administrator of Mater Dei, spoke of the care that will be taken to ensure that current residents find satisfactory new care facilities.

“Our focus will be to assist residents in finding quality alternative living options and assisting our staff in securing new employment. We will work diligently until all of our residents are safely transferred to their new homes. I think I speak for everyone at Mater Dei when I say that we regard ourselves as family and we will proceed with this transition as we would if we were caring for our own family members,” she said.

The future of the property is uncertain at this time.

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