St. Mary School receives PSE&G environmental science grant

GLOUCESTER CITY — St. Mary School has received an environmental science grant of $2,300 from PSE&G that is expected to help students understand how ecological stress affects the diversity of species.

Gail Corey, principal, said this was the second grant the school has received from PSE&G since 2005.

Corey noted that the proposal written for the grant “required lots of man hours” and had to include a budget along with what standards would be addressed.

The environmental grant is for the 2010-11 school year. The grant was presented on Oct. 12 to Corey, Joan Bohrer, seventh-grade science teacher, and to the seventh-grade students by PSE&G representatives.

Much of the grant money is for materials and supplies and for professional help. For instance, students will have use of the schooner the North Wind, which will be a floating classroom, from which they will place artificial substrates at various locations along the river. A substrate is a substance that enzymes act upon. Students will also perform chemical analyses of samples while on board the schooner, said Corey.

After awhile, the students are expected to return to the schooner to collect the substrates, Corey noted. They then separate the organisms from the substrate and bring them to their classroom for identification and count them to determine the diversity index for each sample

St. Mary received its first PSE&G grant for environmental science in 2007. Corey said the school had applied to the corporation five times since 2004. Other grants received by the school include an NJSSI grant for math in 2004, a McDonald grant for health/fitness in 2006, and a Toshiba science/math/technology grant awarded in 2008.

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