Students get lesson on Internet safety from the FBI

Students get lesson on Internet safety from the FBI

fbiourladyofmercystudents-webFBI Agent Beth Biegalski, center, a graduate of Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Newfield, recently spoke to the school’s current students about Internet safety. She is pictured with, from left, Caitlyn Covella, Mallory Hansen, Abigayle Zee and Cristina DiCicco.

Beth Biegalski, intelligence analyst at the Atlantic County office of the FBI, recently spoke to students during an assembly at Our Lady of Mercy Academy, Newfield, about the dangers of cyberfraud and the loss of personal identities through the Internet.

Biegalski is a 1998 OLMA graduate.

“Anyone of you is liable to become a victim of internet fraud or identity theft,” Biegalski said.

According to national statistics collected by the Federal Trade Commission, over 9 million Americans a year become victims of cyberfraud and loss of personal identities through the Internet.

If a student/person is communicating on Facebook, Biegalski suggested removing all personal information from the page. She also stressed not to post telephone or cell phone numbers, pictures, personal information (such as: full name, age, address, pictures of oneself or family members, etc.).

Never post anything that “you wouldn’t tell your parents first,” she siad.

If one is being “bullied” on line, be sure to report that posting to the local authorities or have an adult file a complaint with the FTC at and report online identity thefts to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at

She also stressed that one should “never ‘friend’ a person you have not talked to during the last year – especially if you don’t know anything about that person or it seems strange that they might want to contact you.”

“In keeping up with the latest trends and fads, OLMA continues to update the students with information that will keep them safe from threat and harm,” said Sister Grace Marie, principal. “Please use caution when using the internet, because even colleges and universities look at your Facebook postings. This may or may not affect your preferred college acceptances.”

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