The mission of Catholic Partnership Schools

Catholic Partnership Schools (CPS), established in 2008, works with five schools: Holy Name, Sacred Heart, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Cecilia (Pennsauken), and St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral.

“It is our aim to cultivate schools that will have financial stability, cutting-edge educational resources and practices, and a strong business model that will sustain the Catholic Partnership schools for decades to come,” the organization states on its website,

In its first community report, CPS states that in 2011, 30 students received $500,000 in scholarships over four years to attend college-prep high schools in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Among other accomplishments cited:

— hired a bi-lingual family support coordinator (grades k-5) to partner with principals and teachers to help families better oversee and encourage their children’s success in school

— hired a bi-lingual family/graduate support coordinator to work with 6-8 grade students in learning life and study skills and navigating the critical middle grades transition and admission process for high school

— established an academically aligned summer enrichment program for students in grades 5-8

— purchased a used school bus and van to transport students to special events and music and sport practices and activities.

“What sets Catholic Partnership Schools apart from other reform efforts in today’s educational landscape isn’t just its innovative business model,” said Sister Karen Dietrich, executive director. “It’s the commitment we’ve made to provide a safe space for learning, one that wraps children and their families in a rich choice of remedial and enrichment opportunities designed to mitigate the effects of poverty, violence and trauma.”

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