Those expired coupons are still valuable

WILLIAMSTOWN – Don’t discard your expired manufacturers’ coupons because military families overseas can still use them.
Connie Smith, a mother from St. Mary School, helps coordinate a program that collects “expired and unwanted manufacturers’ coupons for our nine adopted military families, one family for each grade from kindergarten through eighth,” she said.
Started a few years ago by Celeste Claggett of Oklahoma, Expired Coupons for Overseas Military collects these coupons in schools and on their Facebook site. “Channel 6 featured a story about ECOM a few years ago and that’s how I got involved,” said Smith. “I pitched the idea to my daughters’ school and here we are today.”
She called it “a wonderful way to help our military families living overseas save money. and our adopted families are truly grateful.”
Jackie Kern, advancement director at the school, noted, “This is our second year that our students are collecting expired coupons for overseas military families who can use them up to six months after they expire.”
She said each grade is assigned a specific military family. “Our World Crusaders Club here at school also helps with the program as well. Connie Smith comes in every two months and collects the coupons, separates them, and ships them off to the individual military families.”
According to ECOM on its Facebook, those families living
overseas who want coupons should
e-mail the group at Those living in the States and would like to adopt a family should use the same e-mail.
For more information contact Connie Smith at 856-740-2688. Or contact the organization at Expired Coupons For Overseas Military on Facebook.

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