Time for Frank Morano’s solo

CHERRY HILL — After the residents sang “Give My Regards to Broadway” and “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” it was time for Frank Morano’s solo.

During sing-along in the Activity Room Nov. 13 here at the Manor at St. Mary’s, an assisted living retirement residence for senior citizens, 83-year-old Morano belted out one “for the ladies” — James Taylor’s “Fire And Rain” — with a dozen residents gathered around him.

For the past seven years, Morano has lived at the Manor, a place he calls “home.” An army veteran and former high school teacher, he now spends his days singing and painting, the latter a hobby he took up after retiring from high school teaching.

Morano also enjoys seeing the latest movies on the big screen as often as he can, and he gave four stars to “Argo,” currently in theaters.

A devout Catholic, he primarily showcases religious themes in his artworks. As well, four days a week, he lectors and ministers during Mass in the Manor chapel, tasks he views with high importance. “Lectoring and ministering are the things I have to do every morning. It’s the best thing I can do here.”

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