Youth learn about water crisis

The EDGE Core Team of St. Michael the Archangel Parish recently announced that the youth of the Parish has donated $ 558.87 to W.A.T.E.R to assist in the building and maintenance of water wells in Africa.

EDGE is a youth ministry program that was recently started at the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel. At their second EDGE session youth discussed with their Core Team members the importance of reaching out to others less fortunate. The discussions focused on the current water crisis in many parts of the world and ways that youth can be a part of the solution. Core Team members discussed with the youth about the call as Christians to work for justice and live in solidarity with all people.

That second session ended with a reflection of baptism and Christ as the Living Water. Students were given a bottle of water as they left the EDGE Night and challenged to use the water wisely and when the bottle was empty of water to return it filled with change.

The money donated with the local EDGE Program was combined with other EDGE groups throughout the world. Combined over $150,000 was raised by youth to build and maintain 12 water wells in Africa.

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