Bishop Sullivan celebrates Mass for Stockton students

Last Sunday evening, Bishop Sullivan visited Stockton University’s Catholic Campus Ministry in Galloway Twp. With him and the students are Father Raymond Vijandre, AM, chaplain; and Alison Filion, director.
Photo by Peter G. Sánchez

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP — Celebrating Mass with members of Stockton’s Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) here last weekend, Bishop Dennis Sullivan urged the college students to resist the cultural fishing nets of “consumerism, entertainment, sex and social media” that seek to catch them, and instead allow themselves to get snared in God’s net, “seized by grace, to know, love and follow him.”

The nets so often seen in the secular waters “don’t offer us light, goodness and love,” he continued. Only by going out into the deep to be caught by God, and “trusting what God can do with us, and in us,” do we find fulfillment.

After the 6 p.m. liturgy on Sunday night, Bishop Sullivan stayed for dinner with the students. His visit, and the hearty beef and vegetable stew served that evening, warmed the hearts and souls of the young church.

“Bishop Sullivan, and this community at Stockton, keeps us all rooted in our faith,” said Joe Skala, Senior Computer Science Major and President of the Executive Board for CCM.