The faith and hope of a recent graduate, the daughter of...

“My parents taught me at a very young age that we are lost if we do not have faith. They told me to trust...

Bert Mahon, lukewarm Christian, has a Catholic moment

Bert Mahon, an Iowa farmer who must have died more than 50 years ago, would never have imagined his name appearing in any newspaper,...

Sisters share theological interests and a two-seater car

A lot of my work on ecumenism here in Rome intersects with that of the Centro Pro Unione, the unique hub of academic, spiritual...

Throw away your razor and grow spiritually

For some of us, there are those rare occasions in life when little things occur that make you feel kind of special. I'm not...

A physician’s experience with women religious

Although usually quite shy, Dr. Oliver Sacks was so enchanted by a lunar eclipse one night that he stopped people on the street and...

Old books, old memories, new insights

There was a pile on the desk, next to the desk, and under the desk. With my wife’s working at a new career in education...

What is ‘leisure’ and why is it important?

After more than three decades in continuous formal educational settings, much of my experience of the world is driven by the circannual rhythms of...

A quiet place in the midst of joyful noise

There is a quiet place in the heart of Chacraseca, a farming community just west of León, Nicaragua. It is surrounded by soaring trees...

The local African-American-Caribbean Catholic Community

One of the challenges that migrants face as they go far away from their native land is how to find a place where they...

Saint Therese, working overtime for a Cherry Hill woman in Rome

VATICAN CITY — “You, here,” grudged the Basilica’s guard, whose frame resembled a linebacker. Tilting his head to the right, he passed me off...
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