The Spanish element in the history of our country

Numerous cities throughout the United States offer a counterbalancing narrative to a historically dubious account of exclusive Anglophone expansion into the New World. Places...

The significance of the empty tomb

“So, tell me the significance of the empty tomb?” This question was asked of a student of theology by a professor of Christology. The tomb...

The priest who was the father of the Big Bang Theory

How can a reasonable and educated Catholic square the Adam and Eve account(s) in Genesis with the cosmological discoveries of the scientific age? Are...

Human fraternity and interfaith outreach

Like many of you, I attended a 9/11 remembrance ceremony, one here on the island of Wildwood. I actually attended three such remembrances, which...

The monk who became the ‘father of genetics’

This is the first piece in a series exploring Catholicism and science. We know well the church’s stance that reason (ratio) can never be ultimately...

The need to forgive others, even other drivers

Recently, as my wife and I were driving through center city Camden during rush hour, I spotted in the rearview mirror a white...

Ananias of Damascus, a saintly, unsung hero

Both the spirituality of Saint Ignatius Loyola and the ancient practice of lectio divina encourage Christians to savor the biblical narratives and ponder their...

Tales of poverty, faith and bloodshed

In December of 2016, Pope Francis promulgated a statement confirming that Father Stanley Francis Rother had been killed “in hatred of the faith” (“in...

Moving toward Christian unity and ecumenism

At this time of year most news agencies highlight their top 10 news stories of 2018. For the Roman Catholic Church, unfortunately, the year...

A reflection on Jesus, Lazarus and friendship

“Today you will go into the Tomb of Lazarus,” said the America Media pilgrim leader to the 106 faithful. “Think about one thing in...
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