Once called, he devoted himself completely to Christ

People of the Book - St. Andrew In addition to being the namesake for both the most famous golf course and faultline in...

The pope who captured the world with his smile

In 1978 the Italian Christian Democrat Aldo Moro was kidnapped by the fanatical communist Red Brigade and held for 54 days before being assassinated;...

Lessons in radical discipleship from the church’s newest saints

This past week’s canonization of some new saints in Rome points out the Christian command to love and witness to the kerygmatic claim...

The successor of Moses and the conquest of Jericho

People of the Book: Joshua In the Book of Numbers, we see that Moses is denied entry into the Promised Land, even...

Understanding Pope Francis – A ‘culture of encounter’ with the most...

Even as sophisticated as Pope Francis is proving himself to be in church governance and theological thinking, there is a streak within him deeply...

God’s love evident in a highly public act

As I have learned of Bishop Dennis Sullivan’s directive concerning crucifixes in places of worship in the Diocese of Camden, the theology of the...

Pope Francis’ devotion to the Blessed Mother

On Dec. 8, Pope Francis will celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Piazza di Spagna in...

Tales of poverty, faith and bloodshed

In December of 2016, Pope Francis promulgated a statement confirming that Father Stanley Francis Rother had been killed “in hatred of the faith” (“in...

The physician-evangelist’s teaching about God’s love

People of the Book - The prodigal Son In mid-October, the church celebrated the feast of St. Luke, the physician-evangelist. A...

The Millennial Generation and the Post-Post-Conciliar Church

This week I was invited to Villanova University to participate in their conference celebrating the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’s election, titled “Pope Francis...
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