A fallen woman’s conversion and survival

People of the Book – Rahab The Book of Joshua tells the story of Rahab, a Canaanite prostitute practicing the world’s oldest...

The first Gentile to be converted to Christianity

People of the Book – Cornelius It is widely recognized that the spread of the Gospel is universal in scope, razing the...

A mysterious ancestor of the great monotheistic faiths

People of the Book - Abraham This week’s entry was the first person to come to my mind as I began thinking about...

The murder that reverberates through the centuries

People of the Book - Cain and Abel The biblical reflections on injustice, violence, and the perennial reality of a disjunction in the divinely ordered...

The lesson of Adam and Eve, our first parents

People of the Book - Adam and Eve This new series, which we have chosen to title “People of the Book,”...

‘A simple, humble coworker in the vineyard of the Lord’

On a crisp and clear Bavarian Sunday in 1936, a pensive young child, the son of a local police commissioner, sat in the...

A brilliant and learned mystic who taught by example

Because of the sheer volume of information and perspectives on the global and historical impact of the last pope, whittling down the salient points...

The pope who captured the world with his smile

In 1978 the Italian Christian Democrat Aldo Moro was kidnapped by the fanatical communist Red Brigade and held for 54 days before being assassinated;...

A papacy conceived not as power, but as service

After John XXIII’s death, the transition from the Johannine council to the Pauline one was relatively smooth. The former Angelo Giuseppe...

The pope who threw open the windows of the Vatican

Angelo Roncalli was the firstborn son in a family of 14 children in late 19th century Italy. Pegged as an intellectual at an...
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