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The Resurrection, human fidelity and God’s silence

Theologians sometimes try to simplify the meaning of the Resurrection by packaging its essence into one sentence: In the Resurrection, God vindicated Jesus,...

If anyone is to be blamed, let’s blame God

In her the first volume of her autobiography, “Under My Skin,” Doris Lessing, shares this story: During her marriage to Gottfried Lessing,...

On litmus tests for Christian discipleship

We live today with a lot of polarization, both inside of our churches and in society at large. There is something healthy in...

God can be experienced, but never captured

God’s ways are not our ways! There is more truth to that than we normally think. God is ineffable. What that means is...

Mystical images for our religious quest

There are few things as powerful as a poetic image. The nation with the best poets will ultimately triumph because poetry is...

Something needs to be said to those left behind

Every year I write a column on suicide. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I do it because there is too little...

Following Jesus, according to the Letter or the Spirit?

I work and move within church circles and find that most of the people I meet there are honest, committed, and for the...

Our aging faces mirror the tension in our souls

In one of James Carroll’s early novels, he offers this poignant image: A young man is in the delivery room watching his wife...

Hell is the absence of life, of love, of forgiveness

There’s a question about God’s goodness as old as religion itself: How can an all-good God send someone to hell for all eternity?...

Of elders, character, passion, and blessing

At a workshop several years ago, a woman shared this story: She was the mother of four children and, while they were...
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