God puts us on this earth not just for leisure

The past several weeks have been some of the most pressured weeks in my life. I have been trying to balance the pressures...

Dealing with loss, grief and obsessions

What can we say in the face of deep loss, inconsolable grief, or unrequited obsessions? As a graduate student in Louvain, I once...

God can be experienced, but never captured

God’s ways are not our ways! There is more truth to that than we normally think. God is ineffable. What that means is...

On litmus tests for Christian discipleship

We live today with a lot of polarization, both inside of our churches and in society at large. There is something healthy in...

Mature faith being stretched by great writers

British writer, A.S. Byatt, is perhaps the foremost novelist in the English language today. She will, no doubt, one day be awarded the Nobel...

Struggling to be inside the present moment

During the last years of his life, Thomas Merton lived in a hermitage in an attempt to find more solitude in his life....

Spirituality and the Seasons of our Lives

As a young man, Nikos Kazantzakis, the famous Greek writer, contemplated becoming a monk and once spent a summer touring monasteries. Years later,...

Something needs to be said to those left behind

Every year I write a column on suicide. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I do it because there is too little...

Jesus teaches how to love in the face of opposition

How do you stay positive, preach hope, and remain loving and big-hearted in the face of opposition, misunderstanding, hostility, and hatred? This is...

We are a people obsessed with appearance

Focus on your image, because image is everything! Those words, or at least words to that effect, were the caption of a...
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