On litmus tests for Christian discipleship

We live today with a lot of polarization, both inside of our churches and in society at large. There is something healthy in...

Things hidden from the learned and the clever

I’ve lived and worked within academic circles for most of my adult life, studying in various universities, teaching within university circles, and...

Following Jesus, according to the Letter or the Spirit?

I work and move within church circles and find that most of the people I meet there are honest, committed, and for the...

Gratitude is the real mark of genuine maturity

Sometime after his 70th birthday, Morris West wrote an autobiography which he entitled, “A View from the Ridge.” By ridge, he meant the...

Our one great fidelity? Celebrating the Eucharist

In one of his sermons on the Eucharist, Ronald Knox made this observation: Throughout two thousand years of history, Christians, both whole...

Of Nietzsche, Feuerbach, and Dark Nights of the Soul

Few people have ever written as penetrating a critique of faith and religion as have Friedrich Nietzsche and Ludwig Feuerbach. “God is dead,”...

Hell is the absence of life, of love, of forgiveness

There’s a question about God’s goodness as old as religion itself: How can an all-good God send someone to hell for all eternity?...

Simplifying spiritual vocabulary, how challenging

Somewhere near his 75th birthday, Morris West wrote a series of autobiographical essays entitled, “A View from the Ridge.” In the Prologue of...

Literary skill helps priest explain theology

One of the reasons we don’t often find a good Christian apologetics today is because so many of our best theologians write at...

See others through blessed, not cursed lens

There’s a Buddhist parable that runs something like this: One day as the Buddha was sitting under a tree, a young, trim soldier...
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