Spiritual Life

God puts us on this earth not just for leisure

The past several weeks have been some of the most pressured weeks in my life. I have been trying to balance the pressures...

God is always richer than our concepts and language

G.K. Chesterton once said that one of the reasons he believed in Christianity was because of its belief in the trinity. If...

We demand that murderers be executed, God doesn’t

God is non-violent. God does not prescribe violence. Violence should never be rationalized in God’s name. That is clear in Christian revelation. But...

Good science is compatible with good religion

In certain circles it is believed that science trumps religion. The idea is simple and uncompromising: Religion cannot stand up to science....

An open letter to those who don’t go to church

Dear Fellow Pilgrim: I greet you as someone who is looking for meaning and happiness, as we all are. I know you’re...

Our one great fidelity? Celebrating the Eucharist

In one of his sermons on the Eucharist, Ronald Knox made this observation: Throughout two thousand years of history, Christians, both whole...

Hell is the absence of life, of love, of forgiveness

There’s a question about God’s goodness as old as religion itself: How can an all-good God send someone to hell for all eternity?...

New evangelization, fanning the flame

Recently a new expression has made its way into our theological and ecclesial vocabulary. There’s a lot of talk today about the New...

Our aging faces mirror the tension in our souls

In one of James Carroll’s early novels, he offers this poignant image: A young man is in the delivery room watching his wife...

Jesus teaches how to love in the face of opposition

How do you stay positive, preach hope, and remain loving and big-hearted in the face of opposition, misunderstanding, hostility, and hatred? This is...
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