We demand that murderers be executed, God doesn’t

God is non-violent. God does not prescribe violence. Violence should never be rationalized in God’s name. That is clear in Christian revelation. But...

See others through blessed, not cursed lens

There’s a Buddhist parable that runs something like this: One day as the Buddha was sitting under a tree, a young, trim soldier...

Excess enters, enjoyment departs, as does freedom

Eighty-five years ago, G. K. Chesterton looked at his society and saw some things that disturbed him. Here's his comment: There comes...

Turning inner chaos into a peaceful garden

Almost all spiritualities have a special place for deserts, wilderness, and other such places where we are unprotected and in danger from...

Church needs both ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’

The late Malcolm X was raised a Christian but, at one point in his life, became a Muslim. However, both in his...

An open letter to those who don’t go to church

Dear Fellow Pilgrim: I greet you as someone who is looking for meaning and happiness, as we all are. I know you’re...

New evangelization, fanning the flame

Recently a new expression has made its way into our theological and ecclesial vocabulary. There’s a lot of talk today about the New...

Struggling to understand the pain of suicide

Recently a friend attended the funeral of a man who had taken his own life. At the end of the service the deceased...

Remembering the gift that was Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen was perhaps the most popular spiritual writer of the late 20th century and his popularity endures today. More than seven million...

Parents, teachers and the children in their care

Margaret Laurence’s novel, “A Jest of God,” tells the story of two sisters: One of them, Rachel, single still and childless at mid-life,...
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