Catholic Schools Week at the New Jersey State House

Video creators Isaiah Taylor and Nicholas Ladonisi of Paul VI High School, Haddonfield, are pictured with Sister Rose DiFluri, assistant schools superintendent, Diocese of Camden.
Hugh Leahy and Lily McBride

“Catholic Schools Care for God’s Planet.” That was the theme for the 2019 celebration of Catholic Schools Week at the New Jersey State House on Jan. 31.

Representing Diocese of Camden grammar schools were Hugh Leahy and Lily McBride, eighth graders at Christ the King school in Haddonfield. The duo presented some of the many ways their school demonstrates care for the planet, including a lesson on areas that do and do not have access to clean water, and photos of outside gardens where students grow seasonal vegetables and tend a fruit tree orchard and a Christmas tree farm.

In the high school video category, seniors Isaiah Taylor and Nicolas Ladonisi created and produced a video that features ways Paul VI High School (also in Haddonfield) students help conserve water and minimize the use of plastic water bottles.

Diocese of Camden schools superintendent Mary Boyle was chosen to receive Gov. Murphy’s proclamation of Catholic Schools Week. In her remarks, Boyle reminded the audience that, with nearly 69,000 students enrolled, Catholic schools will save New Jersey taxpayers more than $1.4 billion this year.