Catholic Schools Week- Magical Visit


Magician Chad Juros brought more than tricks to Saint Joseph’s Regional School in Somers Point. His personal story was inspirational, suggesting the real magic is in the joy students can bring to others by finding and sharing their God-given talents and passion.

Juros’ father learned magic tricks to distract and entertain Juros through two battles with childhood leukemia. At age 7, with a 5 percent chance of survival, Juros began a 17-month in-patient course of treatment. He became interested in learning the art himself and entertained caregivers as he honed his own skills.

Not long after Juros’ release, his father was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and died at the age of 41. Juros was determined to pursue and entertain others with his love of illusion, paying forward the wonderful gift his father had given him.

Students were enthralled as Juros made a boom box disappear, cut a single rope into three and restored them to one, guessed playing cards and words sight unseen, and, in his grand finale, lifted a student into the air.