Computer room blessed at San Miguel School, Camden


Photo by James A. McBride

sanmiguel-webMembers of the Piperno family, and San Miguel School president Brother Joseph Juliano, stand behind eighth grade students. The matriarch of the Piperno family and namesake of the Domenica Foundation, Domenica Piperno, was memorialized in a new state-of-the-art computer room at the Camden school, which includes an interactive board, individual computer stations and surround sound.

The San Miguel School of Camden on June 2 dedicated and blessed a state-of-the art computer room in memory of Domenica Piperno, the long-time matriarch of the Piperno family and namesake of the Domenica Foundation.

With monies donated by the Domenica Foundation, The San Miguel School was able to completely renovate the existing computer room with much needed electrical upgrades, Cat-6 wiring, a Polyvision Eno interactive board, individual computer stations, surround sound system, new carpeting and paint schemes.

James Hoban, principal, said. “This is a win-win for our school. Our boys will continue to receive a world-class education while using the most current technologies available and our faculty will continue their professional development by implementing these high tech items to assist their instruction.

“As you can see,” he continued, “the room can be utilized as a traditional computer room, and then by turning the chairs, the room can be used in a traditional classroom setting and/or for other professional development uses. The previous room limited our use to computer usage only. This is a real boon for us; it is like getting two rooms for the price of one.”

The San Miguel School students, faculty, and parents expressed their gratitude to Pepe Piperno, a 1964 graduate of OLMC School for helping them to achieve the school’s vision to continually provide the tools to help with instruction and the learning process. . The San Miguel School is located in the former OLMC School building.

De La Salle Christian Brother Joseph Juliano, president, said, “With partners like the Domenica Foundation and IBM, we are providing our students and teachers with the tools necessary to help in the learning process. The new computer room represents a major step forward in allowing technology to be used across our curriculum. We are determined to integrate this technology just as much as we still use the pen and paper.”