Good Counsel-South Jersey Homes celebrates life at its annual banquet


Good Counsel-South Jersey Homes held their annual banquet Friday, Oc. 23, at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin, celebrating life with an evening of dinner, dancing and testimonials.

Founded in 1985 by Father Benedict Groeschel, CFR, and Chris Bell, Good Counsel Homes is a private Catholic organization devoted to caring for single, homeless and pregnant mothers before, during and after their child’s birth.

With homes in Hoboken and the greater New York City area, Good Counsel-South Jersey is hoping to soon secure a suitable property, for a local home that would provide single mothers with, among other things, food, clothing, shelter and “life skill” programs that center around parenting, nutrition, communication, personal finances and budgeting.

“We’re pretty close” to a home, said Bill Klatt, executive committee member.

More than 300 supporters of life packed Lucien’s to hear Chris Bell give the key-

note speech, and Gordon Douglas, a Christian comedian, father of 19 children, and head of the pastoral board of the Delaware County Pregnancy Center, had everyone on the floor with laughter.

Klatt was also grateful for the presence of Bishop Joseph A. Galante, who showed his support for the organization.

Although Good Counsel-South Jersey has raised enough funds to acquire a property and bring it up to code, there is still a need for increased fundraising, to operate the home on a daily basis.

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