High School Senior Showcase 2017: Camden Catholic





First in an eight-part series celebrating recent graduates from Catholic high schools across South Jersey.

Today: Camden Catholic High School, Cherry Hill

Amanda Atkinson

High School Activities: Green and White Society, Leadership Academy, Link Crew, Spring Musical, Select Choir, Liturgical Choir, Shakespeare Troupe, Cathedral Scholars, National Honor Society, Emerald Literary Society (President), Mathematics Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Thespian Honor Society

Plans for the Fall: Villanova University

What she will miss the most about high school: I will undoubtedly miss the wonderful privilege of seeing such incredible people each and every day. The people at Camden Catholic in particular possess an intangible quality that is impossible to replicate, and I will miss interacting with these wonderful individuals next year!


Cynthia Nguyen

High School Activities: Dance Team; Student Government; Baking Club

Plans for the Fall: Rutgers University, New Brunswick

One piece of advice for incoming freshmen: In high school, it is easy to constantly compare yourself to others. Therefore, my one piece of advice is to only focus your energy into doing the best that you can do.





Derek Nuamah

High School Activities: Soccer, Student Government, Link Crew

Plans for the Fall: The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

One piece of advice for incoming freshmen: Get involved early and stay involved! For example, I joined the soccer team in the summer before my freshman year and the friendships I forged during training camp helped me seamlessly adjust to a high school where I knew less than 5 people. It is so invaluable to come in your freshman year with a friend group and people to rely on.




Antonio Spinosi

High School Activities: Student Government, Soccer, Ethics Bowl Team

Plans for the Fall: United States Air Force Academy

Funniest high school memory: At the end of school one day, this past year, a group of us decided that we would “redecorate” our Philosophy teacher’s classroom. After many philosophical discussions, he turned our world upside down so we decided to return the favor by turning all the desks in his room upside down. This was our way of thanking him for everything he taught us in Religion and Philosophy.