High School Senior Showcase 2017: Paul VI





Fourth in an eight-part series celebrating recent graduates from Catholic high schools across South Jersey.

Previously: Holy Spirit;Gloucester Catholic; Camden Catholic 

Today: Paul VI High School, Haddon Township


Patrick Bakey

High School Activities: Basketball, Swimming, Golf, Student Council

Plans for the Fall: The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ

What he appreciates most about going to a Catholic high school: I like the Catholic atmosphere. I feel like the biggest disciplinary issues we encounter are uniform violations and lateness. I don’t know if it’s the administration or the teachers or the Catholic atmosphere, but I like that it’s this way. It [makes] school very friendly and inviting.






Norah Costello

High School Activities: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Basketball

Plans for the Fall: Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

What she will miss the most about high school: I will miss the cafeteria. Even my mom can’t cook as good as the lunch staff at Paul VI.







Grace Jablonoski

High School Activities: Student Council, Field Hockey, Lacrosse

Plans for the FallSaint Joseph University, Philadelphia

Funniest high school memory: (On) Kairos when all of the students attending the retreat hid from Teddy (my twin brother and co-leader) and me, making us believe they had run away!






James Towson

High School Activities: Student Council, Baseball, Wrestling

Plans for the FallIndiana University, Bloomington, IN

One piece of advice for incoming freshmen: Be proud of who you are. Don’t change who you are so people will like you or you’ll fit in. Be yourself and you will find your friends and where you belong.