High School Senior Showcase 2018: Camden Catholic


Eighth in a nine-part series celebrating recent graduates from Catholic high schools across South Jersey.

Previously: Gloucester CatholicHoly Spirit; Our Lady of Mercy Academy; Paul VI;  Saint Augustine Prep; Saint Joseph; Wildwood Catholic  

Today: Camden Catholic, Cherry Hill


Dean Cahill

High School Activities: Football, Lacrosse, Student Government, Stage Crew

Plans for the Fall: Penn State University, on ROTC Scholarship

Someone who made a significant impact on his life:  Mrs. Fireman, my Junior Year Physics teacher.  The passion she had for the subject was very evident.  She drove me to really try and discover what passion I could pursue in my future that would fulfill my dreams in life.






Theresa Gardner

High School Activities: Spring Musical, Fall Play, Soccer, Cross Country

Plans for the Fall: Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Advice for incoming freshmen: Keep an open mind.  Dare to venture outside of your social circle and trust in God.








Anthony Nguyen

High School Activities: Olympic weightlifting, working at Auntie Anne’s.

Plans for the Fall: Cornell University

Favorite High School Memory: Just the regular days of high school, chatting and joking with friends about various topics.






Melissa Rodriguez

High School ActivitiesCross Country, Track, Lacrosse, National Honor Society

Plans for the FallVillanova University

What she most appreciates about Catholic school: I appreciate the sense of community and the positive impact that service has on the lives of others and our own.