Honoring priests


Several priests who recently celebrated jubilees have been meaningful in my life, the 26 years I was in Camden.

Msgr. Edward Alleyne used to come to El Centro before it was Catholic Social Services whenever he visited his family in New York and he would bring back clothing and goodies for our office staff.

Msgr. Eugene Fitzsimmons was a dear friend who invited us for dinner frequently when Sister Carmelita would teach the first Communion class.

Msgr. Joseph Pokusa was most helpful with many kinds of problems and he still visits Sr. Mary Peter, his dear friend, here at the motherhouse.

Msgr. John Frey used to spend his day off at the office sorting clothes, stocking shelves with food and doing whatever needed to be done.

Father Timothy Byerley came to us as a seminarian at St. Charles to work with our youth and he was a big help.

Father Joseph Wallace and I were on the Board of Directors of the Judeo Christian Institute and I very much enjoyed working with him and all the friends we made there.

Congratulations to my dear friends.

Sister Mary Vincent, MSBT


Sister Mary Vincent worked with Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, before retirement.