Mausoleum construction nearly done


What began as a prayer has become the reality of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, South Camden.

Nearing its completion, what was a hilly wooded area is becoming a beautiful addition to the St. Joseph’s Cemetery, which began in 1936 under pastor Msgr. Arthur Strenski. The mausoleum, which is a church-like design, will be the edifice that will be set upon the hill looking down the Black Horse Pike and Lower Landing Road.

Mass will be said there on four different holy days during the year. The mausoleum will be the resting place for more than 1,000 of the Catholic faithful.

More that 70 percent of the interior crypts have been reserved. There are many exterior crypts for entombment, or niches for cremation, still available.

St. Joseph’s Mausoleum has made it possible to purchase a crypt or a niche by having a no interest, and no carrying charges applied to the cost. Niches can be purchased over a 12-month period, or crypts over a 48-month period of time.

Mausoleum counselors are available everyday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Evenings and Saturdays are by appointment only.

Deacon Michael Guerrieri is a counselor for St. Joseph’s Mausoleum.