Parish asks parishioners to consider their ‘time, talent and treasures’


PENNSAUKEN — The first feast day celebration of Mary, Queen of All Saints Parish (officially May 31) was held on Saturday, May 29.

Mary, Queen of All Saints was established Nov. 4, 2009, from the uniting of St. Cecilia Parish, Pennsauken, and St. Veronica, Delair.

For several weeks prior to the celebration, parishioners were asked to consider one specific gift, talent or blessing each would bring throughout the coming year to help more fully live the mission of giving witness to the faith after the mind and heart of Christ.

“Commitment forms were prepared and, at each weekend Mass on Trinity Sunday, parishioners came forward to place them in a basket placed before the altar,” said Father William F. Moore, pastor. “Fittingly, as the Trinity is all about relationship so is our response of good stewardship, returning back to God in relationship to the many blessings, gifts and talents we have been given.”

Following the last Mass on Sunday, a covered dish luncheon was held where a variety of ethnic foods were prepared, further reflecting the multi-cultural nature of the parish coming together and sharing our food and fellowship with one another. A large 60-foot banner was displayed, made up of photos highlighting major events and celebrations since the establishment of the parish. The photos were arranged to spell out “Mary, Queen of All Saints.”

“These events will serve as a spring board for our primary focus of evangelization, beginning with the recognition of the ‘Time, Talents and Treasurers’ of our faithful parishioners, and the systematic reaching out to the marginalized and un-churched among us,” said Father Moore.