Scout educates community about the ‘Vial of Life’



Photos by James A. McBride

bigscout-webDaniel Granson, left, and Shawn Bittmann talk to a religious education class at St. Joseph Parish, Swedesboro, about the Vial of Life, a bottle that contains an individual’s medical information that will be of help to medical professionals in an emergency.

For his Eagle Project, Daniel Granson of Swedesboro is distributing the Vial of Life to his community with the help of his fellow Scouts.

The Vial of Life is a container with an individual’s important medical informoration for Emergency Medical Service workers. A sticker on the inside of the front door and on the refrigerator door informs EMS personnel the vial exists. It is always stored on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

“This project is created for people with medical concerns, including heart conditions, prior stroke, seizure, diabetes and respiratory problems,” said Daniel.

“It is also for people who have life threatening or a serious allergy to medications or other substances. Every minute counts in an emergency and having accurate information about a victim is important to the emergency medical service workers,” he said.

“Currently we are going from class to class at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church CCD program teaching the students about the Vial of Life and its ability to help save lives.”

To date, he has distributed 2,000 vials.