Sister Faustina and Divine Mercy



In regard to Question Corner: (Authentic and superstitious devotions, May 28), I’d like to state certain facts about the devotion and Sister Faustina, (now a saint, having been canonized by Pope John Paul II on the feast day of Divine Mercy Sunday); and the Lord’s words quoted by St. Faustina in her diary.

In the many years of my devotion, I have never heard it referred to as the Eighth Sacrament of Our Lord! Jesus urges us, through St. Faustina, to recite the chaplet from Good Friday through the Sunday after Easter, and receive the sacrament of reconciliation, Holy Communion, and Jesus (Mercy himself) assures us that our sins and punishments will be forgiven.

Our merciful Jesus says: “Proclaim to the whole world my unfathomable Mercy/Proclaim that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of my hand are crowned with Mercy.”

Nothing hokey-pokey about this devotion. Faith is the root of our Catholicism, and our faith in Jesus and His Word will get us through!

Anthony Branco