Social events, spirituality



I agree with and appreciate what many people said in Charles Nutt’s article regarding social activities and the fact that they strengthen fellowship and community in the life of a parish and its people (“Social activities used to pull together parishioners,” Feb. 25). Obviously, there is good in every fashion show, Irish variety show, and beef n’ beer where all are welcome. However, the importance of the spiritual offerings of a parish cannot possibly be overestimated, as that is where the faithful are fed.

What we have been hearing for several years now is that we need to build “vibrant” and “dynamic” parishes. The Eucharist and its availability to the people is the core of our vitality and dynamism, both personally and parochially.

Since the sacrifice of the Mass is the most fitting worship of God, perhaps each deanery could review the daily Mass schedules of their parishes and agree to stagger the times so that more of the faithful can attend and participate in this highest form of prayer during the work week? A schedule for Eucharistic Adoration at each parish could also be reviewed, considering its countless benefits. (I am fortunate enough to live where a neighboring parish offers Perpetual Adoration.) A monthly Mass that is offered in the evening (in the place of that day’s morning Mass) could honor the patron saint of a parish and include the participation of families.

It is the spiritual life of a parish that sustains it and gives it purpose. It is where all its fruits are born.

Nina Giacona