The gift of a Catholic school education


Graduation time is its own season, a whirlwind of activities and emotions as students cling to the precious “known” and yearn for the adventure and discoveries that lie ahead. I am blessed to celebrate the excitement of the season in each of our diocesan high schools.

In this year’s Baccalaureate Masses, Bishop Sullivan requested the psalm prayer that calls upon the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth. In his homilies and in an open letter, he reminded all high school graduates of the many gifts they have received from God — above all, the gift of faith. As I moved among our diocesan schools this graduation season, I thought about how beautifully bishop’s messages linked with our motto for South Jersey Catholic Schools: The Gift of a Lifetime.

The gift of a Catholic school education is not limited to the time our students spend in our schools. And it isn’t simply a gift they receive from their parents. It’s a gift that will help them play their part in renewing the face of the earth as they move forward to colleges and universities, military institutions, and other professional training. Their Catholic school values will influence professions, vocations, relationships, stewardship and parenting. As adults, our graduates will continue to give as they have received, just as they have left their imprint in the schools they attended.

Our mission in South Jersey Catholic Schools is to educate and inspire young minds spiritually, academically and in service to others. We commit ourselves to this mission every day to fulfill our vision: for students to become faith-filled adults who, guided by Gospel values, shape our world with knowledge, integrity and compassion. That vision spans a lifetime, supported by the gift of a Catholic school education.

I invite you to learn more about the gift of a Catholic school education for your child. Tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities may be available.

To help make Catholic school affordable for families at all income levels, please consider a contribution to the South Jersey Scholarship Fund for Catholic Education.

Thank you, and many blessings for a safe, fun summer.

Mary P. Boyle is Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Camden.

To learn more, find a school near you or make a contribution, log on to or call 856-583-6103.