Two Camden parishes exceed goal


As parishes begin to roll out their individual solicitations, the calculators are starting to hum, said Mariann Gettings, director of the House of Charity. Based on each parishes’ circumstances, in-pew solicitations dates will vary.

About a third of the parishes have some totals faxed in to the House of Charity office, she said, adding that congratulations and appreciation are offered to all those reporting to date.

Early special recognition goes to St. Joseph Pro-Cathedral and St. Bartholomew, exceeding their 2010 goals in one weekend. Also recognized are St. Katharine Drexel reporting 83 percent of their goal, Our Lady of Sorrows reporting 67 percent of their goal and St. John Bosco reporting 50 percent of their goal.

The most number of gifts reported to date is from Holy Family Parish in Sewell.

The highest average gift comes from St. John Bosco at $5,000.

Donors are urged to complete their gift forms and return them to their parish for prompt goal credit.