VITALity Help-Line and Care Coordination Service

Help-Line operator Natasha Sauls
Help-Line operator Natasha Sauls

With the December 1st launch of the new VITALity Catholic Healthcare Help-Line, Website and Care Coordination Service, several individuals and families within the Diocese of Camden have now experienced the assistance of the latest program of the Diocesan Home and Parish Healthcare Services. A flurry of activity that morning surrounded the initiation of the confidential telephone help-line (1-888-26 VITALity) along with the launching of the new VITALity web-site, ( ). Both of these providing easy access to the Care Coordination Nurses. Enthusiastic operators Natasha Sauls and Sister Mary Rose Mroz, SCC, sat ready and able to answer the calls and e-mails from troubled families seeking assistance with a variety of healthcare needs and concerns. Under the supportive supervision of Director Mimi Schaible, MSN, the callers’ situation and needs were discussed and arrangements made to connect them with nurses at their homes or at their parish. These Care Coordinator Nurses then connected with the individual or family in need to sort out the issues and help direct and gain access into the proper services they need in order to deal with the medical concerns or chronic health issues they find too challenging to deal with alone.

Initial cases included concerns such as the need for supportive services for homebound elderly parents and spouses, assistance in filing for Medicaid eligibility, the need to help secure behavioral health counselling services for family members, and a referral into hospice care. In addition, a mother called about her daughter with a disability who needs more coordinated medical care. These are just a few of the service requests that the VITALity Care Coordination service will be addressing.

As can be seen by this initial response, the VITALity Help-Line has quickly become an easy way for our parishioners and anyone in the South Jersey community to connect with the diocese for help in securing needed health-related services and support.

There are many complexities associated with the management of healthcare needs of the elderly or persons with disabilities. These often very confusing options and situations can be sorted out and addressed in an organized fashion that brings the needed services to the individual. The Care Coordination Nurses are knowledgeable and adept at understanding health insurance benefit eligibility and entitlement, along with community resources that can be provided for both medical interventions when needed and healthcare education and support services when indicated. Local parish healthcare supportive programs can also be accessed through them.

The Diocese of Camden, through VITALity Catholic Healthcare Services, is committed to remain responsive to the needs of God’s most vulnerable people and their families by providing care where people are most comfortable and best suited to benefit from it — at home and within their parish communities. These services and programs help people who face the challenges and struggles of aging and/or disability maintain a healthier, safer and higher quality of life. VITALity signals a commitment to bring new life and spirit into the hearts of those we cherish — our frail elderly and brothers and sisters with disabilities, along with their families who sacrifice so much out of love to care for them so dearly. VITALity brings life and hope to those who need the healing hands of Jesus extended to them through the Church of Camden.

For more information about all VITALity services, you can log on at and sign up for valuable healthcare information.

Deacon Jerry Jablonowski is director, Diocese of Camden Home and Parish Healthcare Services, VITALity Catholic Healthcare Services.