Call governor to increase security funds for nonpublic schools


Both houses of the legislature recently passed bills that would grant a 100 percent increase in security funds for nonpublic schools during the current school year. These bills are on their way to the governor’s desk for his signature. If passed, the amount will still be less than the security funding for public schools.

School security is a public safety issue and we need your help. Please call Governor Murphy’s office this week at (609) 292-6000.  All calls to the governor’s office are recorded and tallied at the end of each week. It is not possible to send individual emails to his office.

When you call you can say:

“My name is ______ and I represent South Jersey Catholic Schools (or specify a school name). I am calling to ask Governor Murphy to sign the nonpublic school security funding bill A4597 as quickly as possible, so that students in all New Jersey schools will benefit from a safer and more secure learning environment.”